James Righteous is your typical average guy.  He works an average job, is a husband and father to an average family and spends his free time doing average things.  It's Monday morning and James finds himself beyond stressed out due to his unrelenting boss who feels it is his duty is to make James' life miserable.

James decides he cannot handle the rest of his Monday and decides to instead take a sick day and go home to spend the day with his wife.  Upon arriving at home, James stumbles upon his wife having an affair.  With the wife and the lover unaware of James' presence, James does not have the courage to say or do anything and simply leaves.  In complete shock of what he just witnessed, James visits his best friend Parker.  The two of them engage in a night of heavy drinking.


James arrives home early the next morning to his wife who is utterly disgusted at James' behavior.  When coming back home from work, James finds his wife and lover dead.  He learns that during that night of drinking, he had hired a hitman and was given until Friday to pay his debts or else he, and his Son, would suffer the same fate as his wife.  Through a series of unfathomable events, James decides that it is no longer time to be nice and seeks revenge on his hired assassin.